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To extend the reach of your product or service, we can produce videos, or re-version your existing ones in foreign languages.

Localisation is a crucial aspect of video production that involves adapting a video to the target audience's language and cultural norms. This process can include adding captions, subtitles, and translating the audio and text content of the video.

Captions are a transcript of the audio content of a video, including speech, sound effects, and music. They allow deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals to follow the audio content of a video and are also useful for viewers who are in noisy environments or prefer to watch videos with the sound turned off. Captions can be added in different languages, making the video more accessible to a wider audience.

Subtitles are similar to captions, but they only include the dialogue and speech from the video. They are used to translate the audio content of a video into different languages, making it accessible to non-English speakers. Subtitles can be added as a separate layer to the video, so that viewers can turn them on or off as needed.

Translation is the process of converting the audio and text content of a video into different languages. This is particularly important for businesses that want to reach a global audience, as it helps to make their content accessible to non-English speakers. Translation can include translating the script, voiceover, and on-screen text. It is important to work with professional translators who are familiar with the target language and culture, to ensure that the content is accurately translated and culturally appropriate.

Localisation (Foreign Language) Production

Our services include:

  • Foreign Language Voiceover
  • Graphics/Captions
  • Subtitling

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