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Drone Operations - Aerial video & photography

We are excited to offer aerial (drone) video and photography to compliment our video production and live streaming services.

The use of drone footage can greatly enhance the visual appeal and impact of a corporate video by offering a unique perspective that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with traditional filming methods. Here are a few ways in which drone footage can enhance a corporate video:

  • Provide a sweeping overview: Drone footage can provide a sweeping overview of the company's facilities, products, and surroundings, which can help to showcase the scope and scale of the company's operations. This can help to establish a sense of context and provide a better understanding of the company's place in the market.
  • Highlight unique features: Drone footage can be used to highlight unique features of the company's products, facilities, or operations. For example, it can showcase the unique architecture of a building, the design of a product, or the intricate details of a manufacturing process.
  • Create an emotional connection: Drone footage can help to create an emotional connection with the audience by providing a breathtaking view of the company's surroundings. This can help to create a sense of awe and wonder, which can make the company more memorable and appealing to the audience.
  • Save time and costs: Drone footage can save time and costs compared to traditional filming methods. For example, it can reduce the amount of time and resources needed to set up a shot, and it can also reduce the need for scaffolding or other equipment.

Our UAS pilot holds Operational Authorisation with CAA under PDRA-01 (General VLOS Certificate - GVC), A2 CofC certification and we’re fully insured for commercial work.

We also have certification for A2 operation throughout Europe.

Each flight is risk assessed and planned to ensure legal compliance, therefore, there may be some situations where flight isn’t possible, but we’ll work with you to achieve the best solution. 

Live video from the UAS can be output for live streaming, allowing real-time transmission of footage to any CDN or as part of a larger live production.

The use of drone footage in corporate videos can greatly enhance the visual appeal and impact of the video. By offering a unique perspective, highlighting unique features, creating an emotional connection, and saving time and costs, drone footage can help to make a corporate video stand out and be more memorable.

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