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Video Production Costs

How much does video production cost?

Each project we produce is unique to the client's requirement and expectation.  When a client gets in touch to request a quote for having a video produced, the first thing that we request is a written brief about the project.

This is important as it’s the starting point for both producing a quote for the project, but also thinking about the creative – what’s required, how it’ll be filmed, what equipment will be used, what graphics are required and who the audience will be – where will the video be distributed.

In simple terms, a project can be split into 3 sections: pre-production, production and post-production.

Each of these sections can feature different elements and requirements which affect the overall cost of the production.

Here’s a brief overview of what potential costs could feature in each section:


Here, we’ll focus on the planning of the production. Preparation tasks such as creating shooting schedules and shot lists take place.  We also work on script development, concept and auditioning and casting of any required talent for voiceover, presenters and actors.


A basic production could include a crew of 1 with a single camera, whereas a larger production could feature several camera crew, a sound recordist, production assistant and director.  Depending on the purpose of the video and required style would dictate the camera equipment used to capture the footage.  Additional grip equipment such as a camera gimbal, to provide smooth-flowing movement and a slider may be used.

Additional services such as aerial video may be required to capture establishing shots from a different perspective or provide an aerial view of a location.

Some filming locations may require a filming permit to be organised in advance.

Each aspect is individually priced, based on what’s required.


After the footage has been captured, editing takes place.  Depending on the duration and complexity of the video, this dictates how many days' editing are required – including time to make revisions and amends following client feedback.

Graphics are also factored in to the edit.  This could range from simple lower-thirds and a basic opening title, to motion graphics, 2D or 3D animation.

If music is required, there are different options for this.  There are generally 2 categories of music.  Royalty-free and production music.  Royalty-free music is available from a range of providers and is licensed according to the intended use of the production.  Generally speaking, a license for a corporate video will be cheaper than a license for branded content or advertising.  Production music offers a much wider and diverse choice of music – regularly used by production companies for broadcast TV.  Licenses differ based on duration of music used – either ‘per track’ or ‘per production’ and intended use – whether it’s corporate, branded content, advertising or broadcast.  Some licenses cover an unlimited duration of use, whilst others are limited to a set time – IE 1 year.

Talent, such as voiceover, presenters and actors are charged based on the type of production, where and how it’ll be used and for voiceover, the duration of voiced content.

When quoting for voiceover, presenters and actors, it’s important for us to understand where the content will be used so the talent can be briefed accordingly so that they can quote accurately.  Most talent will quote for their time and ‘performance’ based on Equity rates.  Put simply, a corporate video – IE training or promotional for use by a company on their website, exhibition or presentation will cost less than branded or advertising content.

If stock imagery or video is required, this also attracts different licensing costs depending on the use.

Additional costs

Alongside the costs associated with production of the video content, there may be other costs to factor in, including travel, accommodation and crew sustenance and expenses.

Generally speaking, we charge mileage at 0.45p per mile - calculated from our offices to and from the filming location(s).  Accommodation is re-charged as cost, as is other travel expenses such as parking costs or road tolls. 

VAT is charged in addition to our quoted figure.


There may seem like there are lots of pricing variables, but by providing a detailed brief, we can produce an as accurate quote as possible. 

If you have a budget in mind when you get in touch, please do let us know from the outset as it’s helpful for showing what services we can provide for your required spend.

Our quoted price is for a completed end production, the ‘deliverable’.  All footage captured during the production, edit and project files remain our intellectual property and are not supplied with the production.  If these are required, it’s helpful to know at the beginning of the project so appropriate costs can be included in the quote for transfer of intellectual property and the physical media.

We take time to get to know our clients and many of our clients are repeat customers whom we’ve worked with for several years.

We’d love to work with you on your next project too, so please get in touch to discuss your requirement and submit a brief.


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