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Staff, Visitor & Contractor Induction Video Production

Induction Video Production

Efficiently induct new staff, visitors or contractors with information about your company.

Inductions can cover many topics, including:

  • Information about you company
  • Visitor / contractor information
  • Information about your company Health & Safety policy
  • Information for new staff
  • Policies and procedures

Deliver a consistent message without taking up valuable time of an employee having to manually deliver the induction.

Whether it’s a simple induction which is used in the reception area of your business for visitors or a larger module-based induction for new starters or contractors, we can produce an engaging film for your organisation.

Combining footage, motion graphics, presenters or voice-over, deliver your message professionally.

We deliver the completed film in a digital format for use on your Intranet, LMS or PowerPoint presentation.  Alternatively, physical copies can be produced on memory stick.

With experience of producing induction films for a wide range of sectors and environments, get in touch to find out how we can offer a solution to meet your needs.

Staff Induction

Staff induction video production is a critical component of any company's onboarding process. These videos serve as an introduction to the company culture, values, and policies, and provide new employees with the information they need to feel confident and equipped in their new role.

The benefits of staff induction videos are many. They provide a consistent and engaging message to all employees, regardless of their location or schedule. They also save time and resources by reducing the need for in-person orientations, which can be both costly and logistically challenging. In addition, videos can be updated and modified easily as company policies change, ensuring that employees always have access to the most up-to-date information.

When planning a staff induction video, it's important to consider your audience and the message you want to communicate. The video should be engaging, informative, and easy to understand, with a focus on the company's values, policies, and procedures. You'll also want to include a segment on the company's culture, highlighting the team dynamic and working environment.

Visitor & Contractor Induction

A visitor or contractor induction film is a type of video that is used to educate and familiarise visitors or contractors with a company's policies, procedures, and working environment. The purpose of these films is to ensure that visitors and contractors understand the expectations and requirements of the company and to help them work safely and effectively while on the premises.

There are several reasons why visitor or contractor induction films are important:

  • Health and safety: A primary goal of the induction film is to educate visitors and contractors about health and safety procedures and to ensure that they understand how to work safely while on the premises. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries and ensure that everyone is protected.
  • Consistent information: By using an induction film, companies can ensure that all visitors and contractors receive the same information and that there is no room for misunderstandings. This can be particularly important for complex or sensitive information.
  • Convenience: An induction film can be completed at any time, regardless of the location or schedule of the visitor or contractor. This can save time and resources compared to in-person inductions, which can be costly and logistically challenging.
  • Better understanding of company culture: The induction film can also help visitors and contractors understand the company culture, values, and policies, promoting a better understanding and working relationship.

A visitor or contractor induction film is an important tool for ensuring that visitors and contractors understand the expectations and requirements of a company. By providing consistent, convenient, and engaging information, these films can help to promote safety, efficiency, and a better understanding of company culture.

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