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The Benefits of Bonded Connectivity

Bonded connectivity is a technology that combines multiple internet connections to create a single, more robust and reliable connection for live streaming. This process involves aggregating the bandwidth from different sources such as wired internet, WiFi, 4G, and satellite connectivity to ensure a stable and high-quality stream.

Bonded connectivity is important for live streaming for several reasons:

  • Enhanced reliability: By using multiple internet connections, bonded connectivity reduces the risk of a single point of failure. If one connection drops or experiences issues, the other connections continue to provide support, ensuring a stable stream.
  • Improved bandwidth: Bonding multiple connections increases the overall bandwidth available for streaming. This allows for higher quality video and audio streams, providing a better experience for viewers.
  • Adaptive streaming: Bonded connectivity can adapt to changing network conditions in real-time, automatically adjusting the bitrate and resolution to provide the best possible quality based on the available bandwidth.
  • Greater flexibility: Bonded connectivity enables live streaming from virtually any location, including remote or challenging environments where a single high-speed internet connection may not be available.

Bright Spark Studios utilises bonded equipment from industry-leading manufacturers such as Haivision, LiveU, and Peplink to deliver our streams. By combining various types of connectivity like wired internet, WiFi, 4G, and satellite, we ensure reliable, high-quality streaming experiences for our clients and their audiences. This allows us to handle any live streaming scenario with confidence, regardless of the location or network conditions.

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