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Utilising Quicklink, we can provide low-latency (sub-second subject to networking conditions) remote contribution using a Chrome browser.

Using the ST55 WebRTC solution, we can supply an invite URL via text message, WhatsApp or email to a contributor.  Once the contributor opens the link, their audio and video (from webcam or camera connected via capture device) is broadcast to out ST100 receive server - available as an SDI, HDMI or NDI output, for use with a vision mixer for inclusion into programme content.

A return feed is sent back to the contributor, so they can see programme output or another confidence feed, allowing low-latency two-way communication.

Alongside this, we can also connect directly via Skype, using SkypeTX, or make high quality Microsoft Teams calls, for remote interviews.

By combining both ST100 servers, we can create a high quality point-to-point video link, connecting two venues with low-latency, across the public internet.




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