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CD & DVD Duplication

For fast turnaround we always recommend duplication, with an average turnaround time of 5-7 days, for quantities up to 1000 discs.

Discs are 'burned' using duplicator towers - similar to how you'd make a CD/DVD on your computer.  The master disc is loaded onto the hard drive of a duplicator tower and then simultaneously copied to multiple discs at once before being checked with the master.  The process is then complete.

We always use 'Grade A' media to ensure a high quality product.

For duplicated discs we offer screen or litho print.

Advantages of CD / DVD Duplication

  • The turnaround time is quick (5-7 days)
  • Option of screen / litho (offset) print
  • Low minimum order (100 units)
  • Discs can be supplied blank if required

Disadvantages of CD / DVD Duplication

  • Unit cost is higher than replication for larger volumes

Master Delivery

Our preferred delivery method for your CD / DVD master is a fully authored disc which we can duplicate straight from.  It is important to produce the master on a high quality CD-R / DVD-R media.  Do not use +/-RW discs.  Avoid touching the disc face and keep the disc in suitable packaging to avoid scratches, which may have adverse effects during the duplication process.

Alternatively, you can supply an Image or ISO file which we can create a physical master from.

If you'd prefer us to handle the authoring process, simply supply your video file and we'll do the rest.

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