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Jobskin Body Garment Instructional Videos / Jobskin

Jobskin are a company that has built its reputation by producing outstanding quality medical pressure garments for over 30 years.

We were commissioned to produce measurement instructional videos for Jobskin's range of made to measure compression garments for their Premium™ Lymphoedema range.

As the garements are made to measure, it is important that the correct measurements are taken and recorded from the patient.  The range features various compression garments ranging from head, face and neck to full body garments and individual limbs including arm, leg, hand and foot.

Working closely with Jobskin we produced guide scripts which were based around the content featured in Jobskin's written measuring instructions.  Shot lists for each garment were produced and filmng took place featuring a model who was measured for each garment by a Jobskin trainer. 

To get the right pace for the video, the script was read off-camera by another Jobskin employee whilst the measuring took place.

Once filming was complete, draft edits were supplied to the client, who then worked on finalising the script to give additional details as required.  

The completed scripts were recorded as voiceover and added to the draft edits which were refinied to produce the final edits - complete with graphics to give additional instruction and a demonstration of the order form, featuring the measurements taken from the model in real time, showing the viewer where the completed information must be recorded.

In total we produced 16 videos, which demonstrate how to measure each garement.

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